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A.S. ENGINEERS & DESIGNERS architectural Products with its international quality and ensuring that its products are not only well designed but also successfully installed and high performance standards, once in place it continue to operate at peak level to the satisfaction of the clients.


A.S. ENGINEERS & DESIGNERS offer the best quality Aluminum fabrication work, our product is highly designed and is demanded by all. We offer an exclusive range of aluminum fabrication which can be availed through us. Our range aluminum metal fabrication products can also be obtained at very affordable prices. We are also a well known aluminum metal fabrication expert in India.


A.S. ENGINEERS & DESIGNERS offer the best quality falls ceiling work the best choice to give beauty to concrete ceilings as well as to cover all the underlying telephone, electricity and sound system cables extending beneath, covering also the automatic fire extinguisher connections and the central AC connections. A false ceiling is also the best choice to give room to modern light system, such as light spots and flashlight reflectors besides effecting as soundproof, heatproof and fire resisting. All are suitable for offices, corporations, banks, hospitals, stores, clinics, administration suites and hotels.


Our Aluminium Windows and Doors have been designed to reduce heat loss by the use of a thermally broken Its strength and Durability are provided by the use of Aluminum sections which gives structurally sound windows and doors for your peace of mind. Warmth and Comfort are benefits enjoyed by homeowners. Our Aluminum range of windows offers all you would expect from a quality system Greater comfort, better insulation, minimal maintenance, aesthetically pleasing appearance and enhanced security. In short, the Aluminum product range offers you peace of mind but even more it represents a sound investment in your property. Whatever your want the taste or style of home.


The glass is structurally glazed to a mullion system located out-of-sight behind the glass in an industrial space for lighting and maintenance. Its required the system to be as invisible as possible, and joints to be white like the glass so it would read as a ghost. Since there was no white silicone sealant with the needed structural properties on the market, he selected white acrylic foam tape. In addition to being the correct matching color, the tape had the additional advantage of delivering very crisp lines. The edges of the tape were all pre-cut so it was much more precise than we could have gotten from a sealant,. By eliminating the sealant, which normally would have occurred between the glass pieces, he adds, it is now possible to see the crystalline edges of the glass.


A.S. Engineers and Designers also offering the Home and Industrial wiring and installation services, for Installation for new and existing properties, Servicing and Repairs, Security Systems Installation, Servicing and Repair, Electrical Breakdowns, Full Rewires, Part Rewires, Temporary Installations, Additional Sockets, Lighting and Appliances etc.

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